“He is not one of us who does not show mercy to our young, respect our elders, and command good and forbid evil”

The key purpose of youth work is to “Enable young people to develop holistically, working with them to facilitate their personal, social and educational development, to enable them to develop their voice, influence and place in society and to reach their full potential.”

Youth activities are very important for every youth group. Activities are planned after discussion with the young people to meet the needs and interests of the different age groups. Activities are used to provide fun and enjoyment, to engage young people and enable them to develop and learn new skills. Our youth club activities include Table tennis, table football, badminton, PS4, Dodgeball and Pool.

We arrange a variety of courses specifically for young people at various times throughout the year. These programmes are designed to support young people to develop their key skills and knowledge through discussions, simulations and planning, enabling them to succeed. Central to raising up this generation of leaders is raising up a generation who are deeply rooted in their deen. On these leadership courses, young people learn about themselves and develop an understanding of what type of leader they could be. Young people learn and demonstrate the skills and techniques needed to be a leader and they gain an understanding of their performance as a leader and support others as they learn about the importance of leadership.

More than just a fun ‘trip away’, residential trips are a key part of the development of young people. The diverse and high-quality trips on offer mean young people can gain experiences that enhance their learning, adding opportunities they may not otherwise have, particularly in the case of young people living in inner-city areas where they have limited access to natural outdoor environments. We have arranged numerous trips over the years offering young people interesting and meaningful adventures, educational trips and outdoor learning opportunities. We firmly believe that these trips promote the importance of allowing young people to connect with the outdoor world and powerful and inspirational lessons are to be learned by getting young people outside and appreciate the beauty of Allah’s creation.

We were the first Muslim Football team competing in Nottingham’s Young Elizabethan League supported by the FA.  We have FA qualified coaches who train our young players. We aim to teach the value of teamwork and how young people can represent their community well – alongside allowing them to enjoy football.

Karimia Youth Society

Karimia Youth Society has been set up to address the needs of young people, to enable them to face the challenges of the future and to give them a voice. Our activities are focused on the religious, social and physical aspects of the individual. These take place in the form of weekly study circles and youth club sessions. We also arrange special events such as go-karting, paintballing and camping.

Karimia Youth Society is aimed at secondary school/college-aged young people (11-18). The reason we have invested in a Youth Society is to improve youth services being provided in our local community. It is all about helping and getting involved with the community. Furthermore, it’s about unity and working together with external providers to inspire young people so that they can tackle their issues head-on in the future.

For more information contact:

Kaleem Ashraf | kaleem.ashraf@karimia.com | www.newhorizontrust.org