Project Coordinator (Humankind)

Job Description:

  • Contract (12 months initially)
  • Part-Time (18.5 hours per week)
  • Nottingham

Trust is the foundation of a harmonious society, and through creating connections and breaking down boundaries, we can build trust between people by realising our common humanity and accepting of our differences and connectedness through the deep bonds of humanity.

‘HumanKind’ is an innovative and pioneering programme founded by the Karimia Institute. It aims to build trust between the Muslim community and the wider British public. Over the years, the programme has been successful in challenging stereotypes and misconceptions of Muslims. Through community events, interactive and engaging workshops and social media, HumanKind connects British Muslims and the general public through empathy, understanding, and quite simply, getting to know one another. These interactions help reframe how wider society perceives Muslims and directly challenge misconceptions, prejudice and stereotypes. The programme also works with Muslims to develop their empathy and understanding of British society.

As HumanKind’s project coordinator you will help deliver our vision “to see a world where we live in harmony with each other”. You will be responsible for recruiting and managing a team of volunteer ‘Ambassadors’ to help deliver the vision along with developing and building partnerships with wider, local and national community organisations.

Main duties include:

  • Launching the new HumanKind brand
  • Being proactive in maintaining, recruiting and building the team of Ambassadors
  • Responsible for the coordination of community events
  • Manage project deliverables in line with the project’s vision
  • Compile media database for the project’s publicity including social media
  • Liaising with and providing updates/progress reports to the senior management team
  • Manage project evaluation and dissemination activities
  • Prepare financial reports and funding bids

Salary: £25,000 pro-rata (depending on experience)

To apply please email your CV and cover letter to

Note: As an organisation, we have a legal responsibility to ensure that all our employees have the legal right to live and work in the UK. Therefore, if you are made an offer of employment, this will be subject to the organisation verifying that you are eligible to work in the UK before you start work.