Director of Quran schools

Job Description:

  • Contract (12-months initially)
  • Part-Time (18 hours/week)
  • Nottingham

Karimia Institute is seeking to recruit a Director of Quran schools to join our Senior Management Team to head and further develop our Quran schools. Over the last ten years, excellent development work has been undertaken by a committed team and our headteachers including developing the Quran school curriculum, our let’s learn Islam books and resources, as well as our online Quran school.

You will play a vital role in ensuring that all our Quran schools are running smoothly and following the best educational practices. Currently, 1200 students attend our educational programmes. The department has a budget of £350,000 per annum. You will ensure that effective methods are put into place to manage this and develop it.

You will create a working environment that encourages teamwork, energy and creativity through your strong leadership. This will involve training teachers and supporting the headteachers. You will develop the Karimia Institute as a centre of excellence for Quran schools by providing quality education. The person appointed will bring a fresh perspective and work with this team to develop outstanding Quran schools.

The main duties and responsibilities include:

Quran school Improvement

  • To set academic standards and drive educational performance across the Quran schools.
  • To lead on Quran school improvement and ensure that this is continuous and sustained.
  • To evaluate the impact of improvement strategies and contribute to ensuring equality of support to all Quran schools resulting in all pupils receiving an outstanding education.
  • To guide curriculum reform and develop academic intervention strategies to ensure our Quran schools offer appropriate opportunities for all pupils.
  • To ensure the effective use of data to monitor and raise standards for all pupils in our care.
  • To keep abreast of educational and technical developments and to be a practical innovator for the group.

Working with Headteachers

  • To build close working relationships with the Headteachers and provide appropriate challenges and support.
  • To receive the monthly reports from each Quran school.
  • To visit the Quran schools on a regular basis, monitoring and evaluating performance and providing formal termly reports to the SMT.
  • To oversee the CPD of the Headteachers and ensure that this is an integral part of the trust ethos for all staff.
  • To organise 3 INSETS per year for Quran tutors.
  • To send managers on relevant training or develop tailor-made in-house training courses.
  • To monitor the work of the Education Advisors who work closely with each Quran school to ensure effectiveness and impact.
  • To be involved in policy development related to all aspects of Quran school improvement including safeguarding.


  • To effectively manage the Online Quran school.
  • To work with SMT to guide the educational growth and development of the Quran schools.
  • To work closely with the Finance Manager to ensure the efficient allocation of resources to achieve the best educational outcomes.
  • To ensure that each Quran school achieves its budget and meets its annual target.

Salary: £34,000 Pro-Rata (depending on experience)

To apply please email your CV and cover letter to

Note: As an organisation, we have a legal responsibility to ensure that all our employees have the legal right to live and work in the UK. Therefore, if you are made an offer of employment, this will be subject to the organisation verifying that you are eligible to work in the UK before you start work.