Tokens of Wisdom


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The ethos of the Madrassah has many facets. This book helps tremendously in developing that ethos, it contains 45 topics that fall into three main categories; social, spiritual and Moral. Each topic is supported by verses from the Quran and Ahadith from Riyadh us-Saliheen, the themes are about issues such as; respecting parents and teachers, modesty, lying and backbiting.

The chosen theme is to be introduced each week and talked about for a few minutes every day. The presentation has to be made according to the children’s age and ability, a story format is used to deliver the theme to younger children whilst older children learn a verse from the Quran and Hadith and talk about their own experiences. The opportunity to memorise verses from the Quran and Hadiths with a view to giving speeches can be utilised here. There are exercises, plays and group work investigations incorporated into the themes if further exploration of the topic is required.

This book is supported by 45 spiral bound posters that will remind pupils what the topic is for that week.