Shortening Long Hopes


Translated by Dr Musharraf Hussain

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This book deals with a topic that is of immense importance in such a narcissistic post-modern materialistic society. We live in a consumer-based society which is spend-thrifty and truly in love with the world. The antidote to this is Qisar-ul-Amal- Reducing Long Hopes. Ibn Abi Dunya, like his contemporaries, Bukhari and Muslim and others, narrates each hadith with a continuous chain of narrators. This book can be an effective antidote to our materialistic lives.

Author: Ibn Abi al-Dunya
Translator: Dr Musharraf Hussain
ISBN: 9781902248066 
Publication Date: May 2010 
Binding: Paperback 
Pages: 59

The Author

Abdullah ibn Muhammad, known by his epithet of Ibn Abi al-Dunya was a Muslim scholar. During his lifetime, he served as a tutor to the Abbasid caliphs, al-Mu’tadid (861–902) and his son, al-Muktafi (878–908). Author of numerous books including; Maqtal al-Husayn,
Al-sabq wa al-ramī, Dhamm al-malālī, Kitab al-Manam and Sifat al-nar.