Read This Before You Marry

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By Dr Musharraf Hussain & Adeem Younis



This book is an essential guide for Muslim men and women contemplating the sacred journey of marriage. Co-authored by Dr Musharraf Hussain and Adeem Younis, this book blends traditional wisdom with contemporary insights, deeply rooted in the teachings of the Islamic faith. It aims to prepare readers for a fulfilling marital life, encouraging thoughtful choices and a comprehensive understanding of marital expectations. It is a must-read for those seeking guidance on this important life decision.

The Authors

Dr Musharraf Hussain is a distinguished scholar and visionary. He is the Chief Executive of Karimia Institute (Nottingham, UK). He was born in Pakistan and settled in the UK in 1966. Dr Hussain demonstrated exceptional academic talent from a young age, memorising the Quran and mastering Tajweed and Quranic Arabic. He completed a Degree in Biochemistry and a Science Doctorate before dedicating his life to serving the Muslim community. Dr Hussain’s pursuit of Islamic knowledge led him to study under renowned scholars in Pakistan and Egypt. He has received numerous accolades for his outstanding services to community relations in Britain, including an OBE in 2008. Dr Hussain has held leadership positions in various organisations and continues to inspire and contribute to the intellectual and spiritual growth of the Muslim community in the UK and beyond.

Adeem Younis is a British entrepreneur, philanthropist and humanitarian. He founded the matrimony platform, which has over 2 million registered users with a market penetration estimated at 52% of all British Muslims aged between 16 and 60. He is also the founder of the international humanitarian charity Penny Appeal, operating in over 52 countries and providing essential aid and welfare to those in the UK. It builds wells, orphan homes, schools, and provides life-saving medical relief, nourishing meals and more.

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