Let’s Learn Tajweed (New edition)


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The Let’s Learn Tajweed (new edition) book covers the importance of learning Tajweed and includes the basic rules required to read the Quran accurately. The new edition has been improved and is a revised version of the original book. With lots of examples for pupils to practice and illustrations to make it easy to understand. This book is an essential support book for any Quran school or Madrassah. The following Tajweed rules are covered; Makharij, Noon and Meem Mushaddah, Meem Sakinah, Attributes of Letters, Madd and the rules of starting and stopping.


Dr Musharraf Hussain was honoured with an OBE in 2009 for his significant contributions to community relations in the UK. He currently serves as the CEO of Nottingham’s esteemed Karimia Institute, a leading British Muslim organisation engaged in diverse projects, including community development, adult classes, and interfaith initiatives.

Dr. Hussain’s extensive Islamic education took him through the UK, Pakistan and Egypt’s Al-Azhar University. He has also been instrumental in establishing several Muslim schools in the UK and is a prolific author of numerous books on Islam, alongside a collection of scholarly articles. His comprehensive efforts continue to profoundly impact Islamic education, interfaith dialogue and community development in the UK.

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Dec 2010