Let’s Learn Islam Elementary – Book 4



Let’s Learn Islam Elementary Book 4 covers various areas of duas, fiqh, beliefs and manners.

The Hifz of Duas and Holy Words section covers duas for a variety of situations including the third and fourth holy words, ayat al Kursi, duas for waking up and going to bed, duas for entering and leaving the house. This is followed by a quiz.

The Beliefs section covers beliefs regarding the attributes of Allah, the Prophet Muhammad and his family, angels, Prophets, the Day of Judgement and Jannah.

The Fiqh section covers the 5 pillars of Islam individually and the importance of Jummah is also covered.

The Manners sections covers the Islamic manners of behaving with guests, entering different rooms, good and bad habits, morals and values, good and bad habits and an introduction to spirituality.

All sections are followed by a quiz. See the contents page image for a full description.