Let’s Learn Islam Elementary – Book 3


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Let’s Learn Islam Elementary Book 3 covers various areas of Duas, Fiqh, beliefs and manners.

The memorisation of Duas and Holy words section covers duas for a variety of situations including Iman Mujmal, Iman Mufassal, the nature of Hadith, Surah al-Falaq, and Surah an-Nas. This is followed by a quiz.

The Beliefs and Religion section covers the nature of the Qur’an, the Names of holy books, what is a Hadith, what is a Sunnah, who were the Sahabah, who the Mothers of the Believers are, who is a Shaheed, and who is a Wali of Allah.

The Fiqh section covers sitting away from children who may distract you, how to stand for Jama’ah, how to avoid being distracted by others during prayers, and girls and ladies in Jama’ah.

The Manners sections covers being kind to neighbours, listening to teachers and parents, not to bully, or be bullied, not to steal, cheat and lie, not to waste food and drink , and learn the beautiful names Allah.

All sections are followed by a quiz. See the contents page image for a full description.