Aqaid al-Nasafi


Translated by Dr Musharraf Hussain



Imam Abu Hafs (D573 AH) wrote a short, succinct and accurate summary of the authentic Muslim beliefs in his popular work, ‘Aqaa’id an-Nasafi. This short tract has been highly praised by all the scholars for its brevity, accuracy and completeness. Some 25 commentaries have been written on it. One of the most popular was the commentary written by S’ad ud-Din Taftazaani (d. 793 AH). Since then, it has been taught in Islamic schools and seminaries throughout the world, particularly in Central and South Asia.

ISBN: 9781902248318
Publication Date: May 2009
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 36

The Author

Imam Abu Hafs was a Muslim jurist, theologian, mufassir, muhaddith and historian. A Persian scholar born in present-day Uzbekistan, he wrote mostly in Arabic. He authored around 100 books on Hanafi jurisprudence, theology, Quran exegesis, Hadith and history.