Press Release: 15th March 2018

This evening is about building trust, promoting open dialogue, delivering positive narratives and exploring constructive solutions to overcoming fear of the ‘other’.
Recent events in UK are evidence of growing Islamophobia, the irrational fear of Muslims. It is an unfounded mistrust that could affect our social and economic well-being. The Trust Building Forum (TBF) seeks to address this significant trust deficit between the Muslims and the wider community.
The Karimia Institute launched TBF in 2016, our aim is to engage Muslims with the wider community through interactive presentations and workshops to build trust and improve peoples’ knowledge of Islam and culture. Our trained ‘Trust Building Ambassadors’ are instrumental in building mutual trust through open dialogue, understanding and myth busting.
The TBF vision is of a society that is kind, caring and is committed to justice and peace. Individuals and community groups need to be empowered to share common values and attitudes with the wider society and in doing so working towards promoting a cohesive society.
Following the success of the TBF’s Annual Conferences in August 2016 with Professor Akbar Ahmed (USA) and Professor Terry Lovat (Australia) in November 2017. Karimia Institute is proud to have Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, former Senior Minister of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs. She will talk on ‘Overcoming the fear: A Tale of Muslim Britain’.