Start of new Islamic year – 1435

We are fast approaching the end of this Ḥijri year, 1434. There remain a few days of the blessed month of Dhu’l-Ḥijjah for us to benefit from. We should try to round off the year with acts which draw us closer to Allah, as “actions are judged by their endings.” At the end of the financial year businessmen analyse their year’s trading, but our trade is with Allah and is more worthy of being evaluated. We thank Allah for the gifts with which we have been blessed and we seek His forgiveness for our wrongdoings and shortcomings.
We also make our new year’s resolutions for the coming year – what we intend to achieve on our journey to Allah, and the traits which we wish to leave behind. We should bear in mind that both Dhu’l-Ḥijjah and Muḥarram, the first month of the new year, are from the four inviolable months so the reward of our actions is multiplied. Our bad deeds are also more grave in these times.
According to astronomical calculations that require an actual sighting of the crescent, Inn-Shaa-Allah, the possibility is that Tuesday 5 November 2013 is predicated to be the first day of the month of Muharram 1435 H, and Allah has the knowledge.