Muslim-Christian Joint Prayer on Good Friday

CAM00397A nice example of Inter-Faith understanding just after Friday prayers today (18/04/2014) at Bobbers Mill Community Centre when a group representing a number of local churches stopped by on their traditional Good Friday walk. The Imam of the Mosque, Dr Musharraf Hussain, and one of the organisers of the walk, Rev Graham Burton jointly read out the following prayer outside the centre:

“Once again on this day called by Christians ‘Good Friday’ we, Muslims and Christians of this local area meet to share a prayer together.
We begin as we have done in previous years by affirming that we live as fellow human beings on this planet earth, but because of human greed this earth created and sustained by God is seriously under threat from Climate Change. We pray for governments, businesses and ourselves that together we might undergo a radical change of hearts and minds and live according to the will and guidance of our creator.
We also affirm our common humanity with all peoples of the earth, remembering especially people suffering in Pakistan, both Christian and Muslim, especially those still displaced and suffering because of the devastating floods and earthquakes of recent years. We pray for those oppressed because of poverty and religious persecution and all vulnerable young people.
We pray for those suffering innocently because of war in Afghanistan. We seek an end to religious persecution in Iraq. We remember the continent of Africa and desire peace between Muslims and Christians.
We affirm that we are neighbours who share this city and local community. We remember the children, the elderly, the disabled and the marginalised, the sick in body and mind, refugees and asylum seekers and all who are vulnerable amongst us.
We remember and pray for all those working with the Christian-Muslim Forum. We ask that this body might grow in maturity and that its leaders may find strength and courage, wisdom and understanding. We pray for all our country’s religious leaders that they may be good examples to others.
In closing we affirm our common commitment to care for God’s earth and our desire to strengthen our relationships with each other and with all people of faith and goodwill”

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