Narrowing the gap between us and them

Pictures from “Narrowing the gap between us and them” event
A Christmas dinner organised by the World congress of overseas Pakistanis (WCOP). It was attended by chief guest Baroness warsi, many distinguished guests ambassadors of Muslim countries and Bishop Anthony Roberts, the archbishops representative.
When I travel on the London underground I am amused by the announcement “Mind the Gap”, it makes me smile as I believe that there is someone here who cares about my safety and well-being. It also makes me cautious and makes me alert to the possible impending danger. Yet today in our fast moving consumer society there is a yawning gap between ‘me and you’, ‘husband and wife’, ‘people and the government’,’ employees and the employer’, ‘us and them’,’ Muslims and Christians’. Who is there to tell us mind the Gap? That is why I believe that this event is a great opportunity to get to know the others so as to narrow the ‘us and them’ notion. 
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Dr Musharraf Hussain
With Baroness Warsi , Prof. Tony buzan and Bishop Anthony Roberts of Pendle