Feedback from Fernwood School

“Dr Hussain, firstly could I just say how much I enjoyed your article in today’s Nottingham Post “First Person”. Secondly, the article reminded me that I have been meaning to thank you for coming to our school recently where I work as a teaching assistant (Fernwood). There had been a potentially harmful event as I’m sure you recall. Your speech to the school assembly I thought was superb. To put this into context I am an agnostic and secularist, but the message you gave that day was inspirational and averted what could have been conflict in our school. Your universal message of understanding, forgiveness and learning from mistakes was very well received and understood by the children and appreciated by all the staff.”
I have to say that every Muslim I know is peace loving and kind which is not the image reflected in the popular press. Only when we hear more of the views held by leaders like you will the blight of extremism be beaten. Thank you once again.
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