Karimia Supports Fundraising For Macmillan

I run a mums and tots group on a voluntary basis in Wollaton, and this year we decided to take part in the Macmillan ‘World’s Biggest Coffee Morning’ on Friday 27 September.
We wanted to maximise fundraising by having an open invitation to all the general public.  The venue for our group, the Muslim Cultural Centre, is also a mosque, so we were quick to take advantage of selling cakes to all the worshippers that attended for Friday prayers.
As I initiated the event, I was automatically the team leader for organising it! Working as a HR professional I pride myself on being a ‘people person’, so I set myself the challenge of getting my team working well together, and also for them to enjoy the tasks and lead areas they were given. The fact that we all get along well on a social level was an advantage.
In the weeks running up to 27 September I put in tremendous amounts of effort into the planning and advertising of the event. But it was all worth it – as on the day we opened our doors at 9:30am, we were overwhelmed by the amount of people who came walking through the doors to help us raise funds for Macmillan.
There were many happy people and lots of smiles on the day.  A memorable comment during the event was hearing a little girl say much fun she was having! As well as simply having cakes and tea and coffee on sale, we had organised activities for children such as crafts, face painting and henna artistry. And as for the cakes – well, everyone was spoilt for choice with a wide range of scrumptious offering donated by many many talented bakers!
We estimate we sold cakes and drinks to 200 people on the day – and from an organiser’s point of view, I think my team and I had never had so much fun working.  Despite being overworked mums and professional working ladies we were full of positive energy and ‘buzzing’ on the day!
We are thrilled to report that we raised £517.43 on the day.
Reflecting on the event, I am amazed (and content) at how successful it turned out to be – not only with the numbers that came, but also in how well the team members performed in the tasks allocated to them.  It was gratifying to hear comments about how well the event was organised – the hard work and sleepless nights clearly paid off.  I also really enjoyed introducing and showing people from other faith backgrounds the mosque set up – the artefacts in the mosque, and how the imam leads the prayer.
My team, who I now term as ‘Supermums’, are planning a fundraising event for Syria in November. Details to follow!
A huge thank you then goes out to all my team and helpers (Ruidah, Halima, Cleo, Faizah, Nayala, Sabrina, Aminah, Darren and Imam Asif) for their incredible work and support to make this event a success.
My final comment is ‘Suban Allah wa bi-hamdihi’ – All Glory is to Allah and all Praise to Him.
Saema Mohammad
Mums and Tots Wollaton runs every Friday from 10am until 11:30am for parents and carers with children under the age of three. Charge is 50p per session.  For more information see the ‘Mums and Tots Wollaton’ Facebook page, or contact Saema on saemam@hotmail.co.uk
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