Dr Hussain Condemns the Barbarity and Criminality of ISIS

Hundreds of Imams across the UK renew their condemnation in the strongest terms against the terror and inhuman actions by ISIS. The MINAB (Mosques and Imams National Advisory Board) through its regional networks has mobilised Mosques and Imams to coordinate this action through Friday sermons, community events and social media.

Shaykh Mohammed Al-Hilli, an Imam in West London said, “we express solidarity for the victims of terrorism, targeted by those who have hijacked the name of Islam to justify their barbaric and horrific crimes”.

As British citizens, it is our responsibility to mobilise our Government in responding to the emerging humanitarian crisis, be it in Gaza or Iraq. The international communities’ lack of response has allowed for the expansion of ISIS to continue to take territory, kill innocent civilians, take women as slaves and create conditions in which many children will die of starvation.

This Friday we stand in solidarity with the Yazidi, Christian and other communities who are suffering from thirst and hunger and have been displaced from their homes. We condemn the actions of ISIS terrorists and call for alleviation of the innocent, in the on-going genocide.”

Leading Islamic scholar, former Chair and current Special Advisor of MINAB and presently Senior Imam of the Leicester Central Mosque, Maulana Shahid Raza OBE said, “ISIS is dictating a completely distorted understanding of the Islamic teachings. We call on people to show support for the victims of ISIS, condemn these barbaric actions including in Friday sermons, and pray for peace and reconciliation.

We share the pain and grief with the victims, show our solidarity with them and stand with our friends to speak out against these crimes. Islam is a religion of love, peace and mutual respect. There is not the slightest justification in the Qur’an for the persecution of non-Muslims.

Indeed, Chapter 109, verse 6 specifically states that everyone has a right to believe as they please and in Chapter 2, verse 256 of the Qur’an, says that there is no compulsion in religion.

Furthermore, Chapter 22, verse 40 of Qur’an states that all places of worship, including Christian churches and Jewish synagogues, should be respected as houses of God, the very opposite of the IS campaign of callous destruction and religious intimidation of all non-Muslim minorities. These terrorists who call themselves Jihadists are bringing the religion of Islam into disrepute.”

Imams and Mosque leaders have expressed solidarity with the victims, including some Imams turning to social media.