Creating Peace and Unity

Allah says “Hold tightly to the rope of Allah and let nothing divide you. Remember the favours he has bestowed upon you. How he united your hearts when you were enemies, so that you are now brothers by his grace. And how he saved you from the brink of fire” (Ale Imran: 102).
A remarkable outcome of the application of the Islamic teachings is proactive, lively and independently minded individuals. Islam thus empowers men and women to unleash their God given potential. This independent individual declares himself the Khalifatullah, the vicegerent, the representative of God on earth.
He believes in the beautiful mould in which Allah has created us. He is confident about the honour and dignity, which he has been crowned with. Islam gives him this strength of character to know exactly where he stands, where he is going, what is his destination, so he can loudly and proudly say to others. He has the self-mastery to avoid the temptations of the Shaitan. He has the self-discipline to be able to reject his lowly desires and to control his whims and passions. This is the independence and freedom one gets by saying, ‘Laila ha illallah Muhammad ur rasool Allah’. (Click here to read more)