We love Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

The hard-handed French response against its Muslim citizens is unacceptable. What’s even more appalling is its challenge to Islam and the greatness of our Prophet ﷺ. This can’t go unnoticed, the best way to respond is to show the world how wonderful our Prophet is and how wrong the detractors are.

How great is the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ?

Every second, the name “Muhammad” is uttered somewhere in the world. As the light of the sun moves across the globe, the call to prayer is announced in every city, testifying to the Oneness of Allah, and Muhammad ﷺ as His final messenger. Sermons, for Friday prayers, Eid prayers, or marriage are not considered lawful unless the name of Muhammad ﷺ is taken.

The physical description of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was so magnificent that when people saw him; they left with amazement. It has been narrated in the Shamail of Imam Tirmidhi, that the blessed face of the Prophet ﷺ was more luminous than the moon. He was of medium stature, not exceedingly tall or short but inclining towards height. He had a broad chest and shoulders, and light hair on his body, which is indicative of manliness but not excessive as to look unbecoming. His limbs were strong, his joints were large and powerful. He had a ruddy complexion. His hair never exceeded his ear lobes, or in some narrations just above his shoulders. His hair was neither straight nor curly but wavy. Everything about the Prophet ﷺ was moderate. He had a full mouth which emphasized the pronunciation of his words. His forehead was large, and his cheeks high, indicative of his extreme intelligence and the nobility of his lineage. The Prophet ﷺ had a beautiful aquiline nose. His eyes were almost black in appearance large and beautiful. It is narrated that he had a very powerful gaze, which demonstrated the authority of a commander. He ﷺ had long eyelashes, which complemented his shyness. He had teeth, which shone like hailstones, and a high neck which gleamed like silver. Balanced outwardly as he was inwardly, his body was equally proportioned, and he never had a belly, even in old age. He had large full hands and palms. His feet were arched and so smooth and clean that when water was poured on them, it would run off immediately. He walked softly and quick-paced, as if he was walking on an incline. While walking he ﷺ asked his companions to walk in front, and he ﷺ himself walked behind. He greeted whomsoever he met. When he ﷺ was observed from a distance, it was narrated that he always looked grief-stricken due to his immense presence with his Lord. However, in the company of others, he ﷺ would smile and make them feel joyful. He ﷺ told the truth even in his jokes. His laughter was a wide smile. The Prophet ﷺ pointed not with a finger but with his whole hand, and he held his right thumb in his left palm when he spoke. When he addressed someone, he turned his entire body. The Prophet ﷺ looked at the ground more than he looked up due to the power of his gaze. He ﷺ didn’t maintain his stare at people, due to the strength of his gaze.

Let us try to commemorate the teachings of the Prophet ﷺ in our lives so we may honour his memory and attempt to do his efforts justice. May peace and blessings be upon him and his household.