Vienna shooting


We condemn the terrorist attacks in Vienna, Austria. These terrorists are callous and cowardly individuals. We mourn the death of four innocent lives and pray for the swift recovery of the injured in the horrific attacks. On behalf of Karimia Institute, we pay our condolences to the bereaved families, relatives, friends and the wider Austrian community. Muslims of Europe have nothing to do with the terrorists.

Unfortunately, the terrorists view the world through a distorted and dangerous lens, falsely using religion as a justification for mindless violence to divide peaceful societies in Europe and across the world. Their sole aim is to create division and conflict in peaceful societies of Europe. They want to polarise and make us fearful, hateful and attribute blame, this is what they want, so we must not fall into their trap. We must continue building bridges between our neighbours and communities, working through our differences peacefully and coming together to unite against hatred and division.

The evil we have seen recently does not represent Islam or any faith. These acts of terror do not bring the change that these individuals are hoping for and are misguided if they believe their actions are noble or even religious.

We invite everyone to work together across communities to stop hatred where we can.

Let us pray for peace, unity and friendship of understanding, let’s pray for the grieving families who have lost their beloved ones, May God heal their pain.