Tier 4 restrictions update

Due to Nottingham being placed in Tier 4 the following guidance has been issued by Nottingham Council of Mosques in relation to Masjids and Madrassahs.

Jamat Prayer and Jumuah:
Alhamdulillah, Masjids will remain open for both Jumuah & Jamat prayer.

After Salah Dars:
Dars which follows the Jamat prayer will be permitted as long as social distancing rules are maintained and there is no interaction except between individuals from the same household.

The Masjid can facilitate funerals for up to 30 participants with social distancing.

Nikkah ceremonies will not be allowed to take place.

Madrassahs to suspend on-site teaching and provide online teaching. If the Madrassah is operating as a child care provider, they can continue to provide their services on-site.