Ramadan Toolkit

Ramadan is a month of patience and sympathy said the messenger of God (peace be upon him). The amazing spiritual exercise of fasting isn’t just about refraining from food, drink and other bodily pleasures but a time for the body to rest and the livening up of the heart and mind.

In the toolkit below, you will find a lot to think about and reflect on. You will realise that fasting is an opportunity to change our mindset, time to think differently about the world and reflect on the bigger issues of life such as death, the meaning of life and where am I going? I hope as we enter this month that for the next 30 days, we will be clear-headed, calm and composed.

This toolkit provides you with; a beautiful poem from Mevlana Rumi, in which he extols the virtues of fasting and how this enriches our minds and hearts. We’ve also added an article from the great philosopher and master of morality Imam Ghazzali, in which he explains how to make our fast an extraordinary spiritual exercise. We’ve also developed an MOT (like the car one) to test your moral and spiritual state. There’s also an article on Ramadan being the ‘spring of righteousness’, where I synthesise the ideas and the works of many great writers.

See the full list of resources below (click to open):

Ramadan Mubarak and we wish you a blessed month!