Quran to be presented in Parliament

We’re proud to announce that we’re holding an event in the House of Commons to try and tackle Islamophobia and build community relations. This comes after gifting all MPs and Lords a copy of The Majestic Quran last month.

The Majestic Quran is a new plain English translation written by Nottingham’s very own Dr Musharraf Hussain OBE DL and Chief Executive of Karimia Institute. He wanted to develop a more reader-friendly translation that is easy to understand and one that has been crafted specifically for the 21st century.

We hope that by gifting our political leaders a copy of the Quran, trust will be built and dialogue improved. Politicians are now invited to join a discussion and meet the translator in Westminster on Tuesday 22nd February 2022 at 2 pm.

The event will take place in ‘The Terrace Dining Room B’, with contributions from leading Muslim scholars, Muslim MPs and Lords. We request all members of the community to please email or telephone your local MP and encourage them to attend this function on Tuesday insha-Allah.


Please click HERE to find your local MPs contact details. You can use the template letter below as a guide if you wish:


Dear [name of your MP],
I am writing to you as one of your constituents to invite you to attend a very special and historic event taking place in the House of Commons on Tuesday 22nd February 2022 at 2 pm in The Terrace Dining Room B.
Muslims across the UK are suffering from the effects of Islamophobia. The time is now to work towards improving community relations and developing a better understanding of the Islamic faith. 
On 22nd February 2022, the Karimia Institute has organised a function where MPs and Lords will be meeting members of the Muslim community and presenting you with a copy of The Majestic Quran.
I look forward to hearing from you and hope you can attend.
Yours sincerely,
[your name]
[your postcode]