Overcoming Adversity Lecture Series

Life often throws challenges our way, testing our spirit, resolve, and faith. How do we find hope in the face of overwhelming adversity? What stories of perseverance can guide us through our darkest hours?

We are thrilled to invite you to our exclusive lecture series, “Overcoming Adversity – Quranic Stories of Hope & Success”. Dive deep into the heart of timeless parables from the Quran that exemplify resilience, determination, and triumph against the odds. Delve into the timeless stories from the Quran as Ustaz Mizi Wahid unravels stories of trials, tribulations, and ultimate triumphs.

These FREE lectures offer attendees a chance to derive lessons of hope, resilience, and success from Quranic narratives. With Ustaz Mizi’s profound insights, discover how revered figures like Prophet Yusuf overcame challenges with unwavering faith, and how these parables can inspire modern-day resilience and perseverance.

Who is Ustaz Mizi?

Ustaz Mizi is an Al-Azhar University (Egypt) graduate in Islamic Law, and he served at Singapore’s Islamic Religious Council for over two years. He’s the CEO of Safinah Institute in Singapore and he’s been featured on local media and authored multiple articles.

Let’s reflect on how faith and wisdom can guide us in supporting those who face adversity, seeking paths to peace and healing.

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