Motivate a Million Campaign

Our Vision

Dawah in the 21st Century, we want to ensure that the Quran reaches every corner of the globe!

We want to make The Majestic Quran readily available to a million people who may never otherwise ever see it. We will offer the Quran to young Muslims, and they will be taught how to engage with it and be blessed with Divine guidance. We will also present Qurans to influential people in society; public, private and voluntary sectors. This will help them to understand Islam and Muslims better. This is a wonderful opportunity to help people recognise the value of the Quran for themselves, their families and society.

Our Purpose

The Quran is Allah’s speech that is full of Divine wisdom, which is every Muslim’s responsibility to share.

The Majestic Quran is a refreshing translation, presented in an attractive design. The Majestic Quran combines the eloquence of Allah’s Words with the rhythm and liveliness of conversational plain English. The message of The Majestic Quran changes lives. The Quran has an inspirational life-changing message. We believe that this translation appeals to all sections of society as it is one of the most-easiest translations to understand. Feedback has shown that readers enjoy the flow and feeling that fill Allah’s Words. The Majestic Quran livens up the ancient wisdom and brings out the moral and spiritual teachings for modern readers.

Our Achievements

We have already provided every MP and Lord in the UK parliament with a copy of The Majestic Quran.

Feedback suggests that this has been very well received at a time when Muslims are more often than not under the spotlight for the wrong reasons. We have also started our rollout programme for distribution to every UK councillor. This will encourage positive dialogue with community members about further understanding Islam. Our team have been actively involved with primary and secondary schools, where we have distributed Qurans to support the delivery of the Religious Education curriculum. We have also initiated a campaign to ensure that Muslim prisoners are provided with a copy of The Majestic Quran to further enhance their rehabilitation as we believe the Quran changes lives.

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