Condemnation of Israel’s violation of International law

The recent and current atrocities committed by the Zionist movement to exclusively colonise the Al-Aqsa site by displacing and preventing Palestinians and other Muslims of their rightful access to their faith heritage is a gross violation of their faith rights. The fact that Israeli authorities are subscribing to this course of action is utterly misplaced and despicable particularly as Al-Aqsa is an indisputable part of the Palestinian national heritage.

Al-Aqsa is a shared sacred heritage to all three Abhramic faiths, equally held in veneration by people of Islamic, Christian and Jewish faiths. Therefore, its colonisation by the people of any one faith is most certainly in defiance of the teachings of the three faiths and a gross violation of the human rights of Palestinians in whose land the sacred site sits.

The Israeli government and world authorities should act to stop these atrocities with immediate effect. Raise your voice to stop these blatant violations of faith and the human rights of a nation that has already suffered too much.