British Fatwa Council Tour of Tunisia

The British Fatwa Council representatives visited Tunisia from 20-28 January 2024. They were welcomed by Dr Mazen Al-Sharif, a renowned Sufi scholar and founder of the Khudariyya order. Dr Al-Sharif provided an extensive introduction to the visit’s objectives and content through speeches and messages.

The delegation’s itinerary, which included visits to significant religious sites in Tunisia and intellectual seminars on Sunni unity and Sufism. The seminars were conducted in both English and Arabic, followed by a dhikr session. He acknowledged the contributions of various delegation members, including Dr Musharraf Hussain, who translated the Quran into English.

Emphasising the exchange of knowledge and mutual respect, Dr Al-Sharif criticised those who display outward religious piety but harbour envy and corruption within. He stressed the importance of a pure heart and genuine knowledge in religious leadership. The visit aimed to demonstrate solidarity against challenges like atheism and moral corruption, urging self-improvement and action beyond mere words.

The delegation’s visit included tours of significant religious monuments such as the shrines of Sidi Bouhlel, Sidi Omar Abada, and the El Jem Palace. They also visited Kairouan, the Grand Mosque, and Monastir.

The delegates included:

  1. Dr Musharraf Hussain
  2. Pir Tayyab Qadri
  3. Allama Ghulam Jeelani
  4. Mufti Saeed Mujadadi
  5. Dr Mustafa Baig
  6. Maulana Hassan Rabbani
  7. Maulana Shah Jahan
  8. Qari Shahid Bashir
  9. Imam Ehsan Ullah