An Inspiring Visit: Hosting Allama Syed Badiuddin Soharwardy

It was an honour to host Allama Syed Badiuddin Soharwardy on Wednesday 26 June 2024 at our centre. He is a prominent Muslim figure from Canada, who shared his story of establishing his Islamic organisation, which now operates over 40 masjids in Canada. He is also the founder and current president of the Islamic Supreme Council of Canada.

Allama Soharwardy, a Sunni scholar, has been instrumental in promoting interfaith dialogue and understanding. He is the founder of the Multifaith Walk Against Violence, an annual event that brings together people of various faiths to promote peace and tolerance. His efforts have been recognised widely, and he has received numerous awards for his contributions to the community, including the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal.

During his visit, Allama Soharwardy spoke passionately about his vision for a more inclusive and harmonious society. He recounted the challenges and triumphs he faced while setting up his organisation and the continuous work required to support and expand the network of masjids. His dedication to fostering a better understanding among different faith communities is truly commendable. He also highlighted the importance of education, social justice and compassion in building a cohesive society.

What an inspiring and remarkable man he is, leaving us with much to reflect upon and a renewed commitment to fostering unity and peace in our own community. His visit was not only enlightening but also a call to action for all of us to engage more deeply in promoting mutual respect and understanding.