Quran Teacher for Hifz and Qir’at

This vacancy has expired

Aims of the Job

Develop the Karimia Institute as a centre of excellence for Quran Hifz and Qir’at by providing quality education and other activities for the moral and spiritual development of the whole community.
Ensure all the lessons for Hifz and Qir’at are carried out in a planned, organised and effective manner to the highest standard in fluent English or Urdu.
Specific Duties and Responsibilities
Religious Leadership

  • To coordinate and deliver the Tarawih prayers during Ramadan and to formulate a wider programme of activities throughout the month of Ramadan, targeting all ages.
  • To co-ordinate and deliver educational, dawah, and youth programmes in a manner both engaging and spiritually inspirational, to develop self-awareness amongst Muslims to increase their love of the Quran

Managing and Teaching the Hifz Class

  • To set targets for the Hifz pupils and ensure they are regularly reviewed.
  • To ensure all teaching is according to best practice, to help propel Karimia’s reputation as a centre of Quran excellence.
  • To carry out regular assessments of the pupils.
  • To self-assess and on a periodic basis organise independent inspections to assess the quality of Hifz.
  • To ensure regular progress reports on pupils progress are sent to parents on time.
  • To liaise with parents/carers and others to promote the learning of the Quran.
  • To coordinate visits to the Masjid by local schools, colleges, universities, voluntary, community and faith groups.
  • To devise a system to record the performance of pupils and the quality of learning, including the organisation of periodic independent inspections.
  • To provide regular written and verbal reports in English to the management.
  • To make radio programmes for the teaching of Qir’at and Tajwid to the public via Radio Dawn.
  • To represent Karimia Institute in local and regional competitions.
General Duties
  • The post holder is expected to work 40 hours per week, although additional time may be required during Ramadan, Eid and other special occasions.
  • Foster unity and a sense of inclusion among all members of the local community, and promote broad participation in community activities.
  • Must not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, national or ethnic origin, and must remain within relevant equal opportunities regulations.


Restrictions of the Post
The post-holder will not:

  • Engage in political activity that brings the Masjid into conflict or disrepute.
  • Carry out fundraising for personal causes or interests.
  • Teach outside the Masjid on a private basis.
  • Take financial gifts from members of the community.

Personal Specification

EducationQuran Hafiz
Educated at least to degree level in a relevant subject.
Familiar with Islamic Sharia, the Quran and Hadith.
 Secondary  education in the UK
 Further education in the UK
ExperienceExperience of teaching Hifz and Qirat, leading Namaz, Jumma and Ramadan prayers, demonstrating innovation in the manner in which religious teaching is delivered.
 Experience in developing and delivering education, including Islamic curriculum development and responsibilities for the management of staff.Substantial experience at management level in education including responsibility for staff.
 A strong track record of academic leadership and achievement.Evidence of effectively leading and supporting staff through a period of change which places a strong demand on raising organisational performance.
KnowledgeThe ability to foster a learning ethos within the Masjid through the use of innovative techniques that inspire and motivate.
 Understand key issues for target groups such as young people, women and older people.
 Able to guide people and give advice on Islamic issues and problems in English, Arabic and Urdu
CommunicationAbility to communicate fluently in English, Arabic and Urdu.
 Able to translate/interpret English/Arabic/Urdu
 Excellent communication and presentation skills.
PartnershipKnowledge of emerging issues around community cohesion and Muslims in a wider multi-religious society.Experience of working with local voluntary and community sector organisations as well as statutory agencies.
 Understanding of the societal issues facing Muslim and BME communities, including experience of chaplaincy service.
 A confident and outgoing attitude that will facilitate the development of networks and promote the activities of the Masjid, including interfaith activities.

Salary: £10 per hour

To apply please email your CV and cover letter to jobs@karimia.com

Note: As an organisation, we have a legal responsibility to ensure that all our employees have the legal right to live and work in the UK. Therefore, if you are made an offer of employment, this will be subject to the organisation verifying that you are eligible to work in the UK before you start work.