Fundraising Officer Job Description

Purpose of the Post: The Fundraising Officer will be responsible for supporting the development and execution of the fundraising plan.

Main Responsibilities

  • Fundraising: Organising and helping with traditional fundraising activities such as mosques and community collections, standing order campaigns, etc
  • Researching potential funding organisations, trusts, businesses and individuals.
  • Approaching individuals, mosques, community organisations and commercial organisations for sponsorship and donations
  • Developing novel fundraising ideas and events

Marketing Communications:

  1. Writing, producing and disseminating marketing material
  2. Get involved in communications activities using appropriate conventional and online media
  3. Write, edit and post material for the website
  4. Assist with marketing and the promotion of organisations, projects and events
  5. Contribute ideas and feedback for the development of new communications and fundraising projects and activities


  1. Organise meetings and events for the fundraising team
  2. Greet and take care of visitors, answer the telephone, take messages for colleagues
  3. Maintain effective filing systems

Contribute to our values and mission:

  1. Maintain good relations with the organisation, donors and supporters, protecting their privacy and meeting their needs for information and feedback
  2. Protect the good name and financial interests of the organisation in all interactions with external contacts
  3. Assist colleagues with meeting their objectives and deadlines

Skills required:

  1. Flexible and adaptable – to tasks and time, always ready to have a go or to help colleagues
  2. Inquisitive – enjoy finding things out and checking out new ideas
  3. Imaginative – good at spotting links between research results, anticipating problems and finding solutions
  4.  Articulate – enjoy communicating through speaking and writing
  5. Perfectionist – with a good grasp of English grammar, syntax and punctuation
  6. Creative – with an eye for attractive and effective marketing materials
  7. Organised and self-motivated
  8. Motivated by our social values