A world where we live in harmony with each other

Trust is the foundation of a harmonious society. Through creating connections and breaking down boundaries, we build trust between people

We connect British Muslims with their wider community through interactive workshops where people get to know one another.

Formerly known as the ‘Trust Building Forum’, ‘HumanKind’ is an innovative and pioneering programme that aims to build trust between the British Muslim community and the wider British public and vice-versa. This project is headed by Karimia Institute, a Muslim community organisation based in Nottingham.

Since 2016, the Trust Building forum has been successful in challenging stereotypes and misconceptions about Muslims. Through interactive and engaging workshops, the programme connects British Muslims and the general public through empathy, understanding, and quite simply, getting to know one another. These workshops help reframe how wider society perceives Muslims and directly challenge misconceptions, prejudice and stereotypes.

We have taken the opportunity to utilise what’s unique about the Trust Building Forum and have created a brand to take our initiative to the next level. It’s a powerful brand which ensures the programme is sustainable long-term, and most importantly, reaches and inspires new audiences.

We want to train people who play an active role in preventing tension, mistrust and fear of ‘the other’; these will be our ambassadors.

We want to educate others about the theology of diversity and pluralism, and how important it is to care for our neighbours and fellow citizens. We accept the fact that there are extremists in all communities. They require education. We shall highlight the concept of “the middle nation”, a Qur’anic term describing moderation, far away from extremism.

We want to build rapport between Muslims and the media and public sector. We aim to provide an atmosphere of peace and understanding for all people, regardless of race and cultural tradition. Provide an environment where people can meet and discuss their grievances and inequalities that drive conflict.

We want to encourage people of influence in the public sector and civic society to promote mutual understanding of each other. Be able to monitor and respond to unforeseen national or global crises in community relationships. We believe that we can bring about changes in the actions and attitudes of our communities, civil society activists, individuals and institutions that hold power by working in collaboration with them.

The bonds of humankind run infinitely deep. But somewhere along the way, we started putting up boundaries. Believing that our differences are too big and our similarities too small.

It’s time to see a world built on our shared humanity, where we live in harmony with one another. Opening our hearts and minds to each other and creating lasting connections.

After five years of building trust, we know that a brief exchange can be the start of something special. It’s not about making great leaps or letting go of what we believe.

But having the empathy to see things from someone else’s perspective. So, let’s start a journey of discovery. Celebrate what brings us together. Respect our differences. Form relationships we didn’t think were possible. All it takes is a moment of courage to take the first step.

If you want to find out more about this project or would like us to visit your workplace to offer our Diversity training, please get in touch by completing the contact form.