Exploring the Quran course

****An 8 day course for teenagers****
Starts: Monday 8th August- Thursday18th August
Times: 10:30am – 13:30pm
At the Bobbersmill Community Centre, NG7 5JU

Study Surah Al-Kahf and Surah Al-Nur with DR Musharraf Hussain, Imam Asif Ali and Qari Abdul Hai

You will learn to read and understand two powerful Surahs of the Quran; Surat Al-Kahf and Surah Al-Nur and bring out the spiritual message of the Glorious Quran through 5 effective stories.
Surah Al-Kahf will help us understand the Glory and Power of Allah and the temporary nature of worldly things. Whilst Surah Al-Nur teaches 10 rules about social life which help to prevent indecency and wrong behaviour in the society.

Contact: 07519535802 OR 01158415806
Email: office@karimia.com