Denunciation of cartoons depicting the blessed Prophet of Islam

Press release
Denunciation of cartoons depicting the blessed Prophet of Islam
We denounce the cartoons depicting the blessed Prophet of Islam. This is an intentional move to offend not only the peace loving 1.6 billion global Muslims but entire humanity. By publishing these cartoons the publishers of satirical magazine have deliberately insulted humanity and great human values, since the Prophet Muhammad stood for human values of freedom, human rights, justice and dignity. Sadly they do not realise we live in a global village, we are neighbours, we are colleagues at work we serve and are served, we are clients and customers of each other. However, we shall bear this indignation and outrage with steadfastness and prayer because our beloved master Muhammad taught us ‘remove evil with goodness’.
Last week the whole world was united against extremists who carried out murderous attack in Paris and humanity showed sympathy for the cartoonists, is this the way to repay sympathy? Is this the way to keep unity and solidarity? Is this how we respect one another? Perhaps we are dealing with men who have an IQ of a delinquent juvenile. The beloved master gave this advice ‘when you are confronted by the ignorant just say ‘peace’ and walk away.’(Quran)
We urge Muslims to respond by practising the beautiful character of the master and guide, follow his example of forgiveness and tolerance. This is our response to the provocation. We will pray for their guidance and that of political leaders of Europe to see sense.
Muhammad, peace be upon him, taught humanity wisdom;

  1. The meaning and purpose of life and the accomplishment of Divine pleasure
  2. open our minds to understand who we are, and freed humanity from; fear, guilt, oppression and demigods

What now?
To value and appreciate this marvellous gift of Allah we must be grateful to Allah, thank him for giving us a role model, so let us resolve to;

  1. Learn and understand his teachings by studying the glorious Quran and his Sunnah
  2.  follow him by  Developing a strong character

A night vigil will be held on the 16th January Friday evening at 7:30 PM at bobbers mill community centre to remember the beautiful character and teaching of the greatest human being, the kindness of God for humanity the blessed Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him. Please join us.
Dr Musharraf Hussain  OBE, DL Chief imam Karimia Institute