Invite to your Lord’s way wisely: teaching in a pleasant manner, and debating with courtesy

The word Dawah generally means “calling people towards Allah”. This act is commonly thought of being limited to religious matters only, rather it is the complete package of advocating in favour of what is good. It includes both spiritual and secular instructions for the sake of the betterment of people. At Karimia Institute we are proud to be involved in dawah work through various mediums. Although it is a moral responsibility of any individual to spread the word of righteousness and try to stop others from unlawful activity, for a Muslim it is not only from an ethical point of view but also a must from a sacred standpoint.

The Majestic Quran

Dr Musharraf Hussain has undertaken this translation because he felt that he owed so much to the Quran; it gave him meaning and purpose in life. He felt indebted; this translation is a labour of love. This translation will offer fresh insights and understanding for readers living in a global village in an exciting age of science and information technology.

The purpose of this translation is to convey the meanings of the Glorious Quran clearly and concisely with the necessary impact and the appropriate tone of voice. We want to make it an accessible, readable and appealing translation in plain English.

Dr Musharraf has been a serious student of the Glorious Quran for more than fifty years; during this time he has memorised the Quran, studied the Arabic language, and the science of Tafsir and Hadith at Al-Azhar University, Cairo. Prior to this, he was a research scientist for more than ten years. We want to pay special thanks to the Research Academy of the University of Al-Azhar, Cairo and to Dar Al-Iftaa, the Premier Institution for Islamic Legal Interpretation in the Muslim World, for approving the translation.

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The six outstanding features of this translation are explained below: