The best of people are those that bring the most benefit to mankind

Community work and development is at the heart of Karimia Institute’s work. We are very much a part of this country, where many of us were born or have chosen as our home. It is where we raise our children, work, and study. Many of us are first generation, second generation, and even native-born British citizens. Generally speaking, when an individual feels a sense of belonging, they are more likely to actively participate in the community where they live, because they feel their voice will be heard and respected. They are more willing to invest their time because they want a community where their children feel welcomed and included.

All of our centres are open every day of the year for people to use our prayer facilities, including the five daily prayers, and the special prayers for Ramadan and Eid. The prayer halls are accessible from 10 am, and close about half an hour after the last prayer of the day. We hold congregational prayers at specific times, which you can find in our prayer timetable. There are separate prayer facilities for women at our centres. All of our centres have modern ablutions facilities. There is wheelchair access throughout.

Muslims turn to the Mosque for help and advice in many matters affecting their day-to-day life. Our Imams can advise on a wide range of matters, such as marriage, bereavement, family problems, and Islamic guidance. If you would like to make an appointment to see one of our Imams, contact reception. We have a dedicated Religious Advice Service through our team of Imam’s. The Imam’s are here to provide you with the best advice possible according to the Quran and Sunnah. All of our Imams are fluent in English, Urdu and Arabic.

Many couples wish to have Islamic recognition of their marriage, in addition to their civil marriage. We can provide this service, where the bride and groom make their commitment to an Islamic marriage through their freely given consent. For details of the marriage process, contact us for more information.

We have been assisting the Muslim community by arranging and managing the funerals of their loved ones for many years. We have representatives that can advise on all aspects of funeral and burial arrangements, and make any necessary arrangements, including the Janazah (funeral) prayer at our centres. We have facilities to perform the ghusl as well.

Our venues can cater for a wide range of activities and gatherings, such as seminars and fundraising activities. Our buildings are a great choice to host your event, the accessibility, in-house facilities, our open-door policy make our halls always continuously booked and very eventful.

We organise the annual ‘Nottingham Cultural Festival’ where we welcome families and communities from all faiths and backgrounds to have the opportunity to come together, celebrate, promote and enjoy a great day out!

The Festival includes Live performances, Funfair Rides, Bouncy Castles and a host of other fun activities for everybody to get involved in. Visitors also get an opportunity to experience a ‘Mini Bazaar’, which hosts a wide range of stalls from cultural clothing, food, jewellery, literature and much more!

This event is attended by locals, city officials and dignitaries. Last year’s event was attended by over 7000 people.

The Family Tarbiya Retreat’s moto is: Relax, Reflect & Refine. We have been organising the family retreat for the past 20 years. Every year we have people attending from all over the UK. The concept behind the retreat is focussed on a mixture of spiritual reflection, discussions, activities and opportunities to relax.