Masjid Ash-Shifa
Ramadan Appeal 2023

Donations so far…£32000 of £35,000
£32000 of £35,000

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Our masjid serves the community

Alhamdulillah, Allah (swt) has gifted us the opportunity to experience another Ramadan. As we embark upon this blessed month of worship, let’s remind ourselves of the wise advice of the Prophet (peace be upon him): ‘Ramadan is the month of my Ummah’ (Suyuti).

Now is the time to renew the bond with your Masjid through your Dua’s, Zakat and Sadaqah. Following the Prophet’s Sunnah, we aspire to be ‘more generous than a fast wind’ (Bukhari), insha’Allah!

We provide the following services

Daily Prayers
Quran School
Adult Classes
Events & Lectures

Masjid Ash-Shifa is located in the Bobbersmill area of Nottingham. It is a vibrant and welcoming Islamic centre located in the heart of the city. The Masjid offers a range of services to the local community, including daily prayers, Jumu’ah prayers, and Quranic classes. The Masjid also provides Islamic education for children and youth, with dedicated classes for boys and girls. Additionally, the masjid offers marriage and funeral services, as well as counselling and guidance for those in need. Masjid Ash-Shifa plays an important role in promoting community cohesion and social integration, and it welcomes people of all backgrounds and faiths.

We kindly request your financial support to help us continue our efforts throughout this blessed month. As you may know, Ramadan is a time of increased spiritual reflection, giving, and community. At our organisation, we strive to embody these values by providing essential services such as religious guidance, education, and pastoral care. However, we cannot do this alone.

Your generous donations can make a significant impact and help us continue to provide these services throughout the month of Ramadan and beyond.

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