Understanding Satanic attacks

How can you defend yourself?

Satan is humanities sworn enemy, his grudge against us started from the dawn of human creation. When Allah created Adam, Satan felt threatened and believed that he was deprived of his honour and place. He swore he would humiliate Adam and his children. This one reason  is why the Qur’an declares him ‘an open and bitter enemy’ to us. Despite this threat, he is actually a relatively weak enemy not formidable as one may think. The Qur’an refers to him as the ‘sneaking whisperer’ who tries to influence us by firstly making the world look more alluring and attractive than we should give it credit for and secondly, because of this, we are  made to become forgetful of Allah and his bountiful gifts and blessings upon us. By forgetting, he persuades us not to pay due attention or more worryingly that the success is a result of our own efforts. This leads to us to be ungrateful and unthankful for those great favours that the Lord has bestowed and thereby make us forgetful of him. Eventually, we are led to think that we really have no purpose and that life is meaningless. To read more click here