True Friendship

In a society that frequently views friendship through the lenses of romance and love affairs, no wonder we have forgotten the art of friendship. Yet friendship is far more than that. In this article I explore the art of friendship in light of Quran and the Sunna of the blessed Prophet (Peace be upon him). How is Allah a friend of the mortal human being? What is the meaning of being the friends of Allah Almighty? Friendship is far more than mere familiarity, acquaintance, greeting and meeting in fact it is about sharing common interests and a sense of care for each other.
The lame birds
It was a bright morning, the sky was clear and blue and the twittering of the birds made the journey pleasant. Suddenly something in the trees caught the traveller’s eye. In the nearby tree were perched two birds seemingly in conversation with each other like two old friends. But they were very different from one another. When the traveller approached them he saw that one was a dove and the other a black crow. What on earth do they have in common he asked himself. By now the lone traveller was becoming more and more inquisitive. As he zoomed his gaze at the two birds he found that both were one legged. To read more click here.