Standing together against discrimination and injustice

The recent controversy over anti-Semitic comments made by Naz Shah MP once again challenges us to re-evaluate our attitudes and behaviour towards others. On her Facebook page in 2014 before she was elected as MP for Bradford West she made these comments, “Israelis should be deported to the US.” A comment not too different from the one made by Donald Trump, “Muslims should be banned from entering US.” The Muslims were furious because they sensed an attitude of resentment and hatred, very simply ‘Islamophobia’. So it is not surprising that our Jewish community felt similarly about the comments of Naz Shah. Muslims must dissociate themselves from such comments and feelings and also condemn them. Otherwise we stand accused of hypocrisy and bigotry, as Muslims we must show a caring attitude towards everyone, and reject any kind of discrimination and injustice. In light of this row I would like to urge Muslims to carefully consider how we can build better relationships with our Jewish neighbours in Britain. To read more click here