Organ Donation; A great Worship and Service

Organ donation happens when organs are taken from dead or living people and given to others whose lives are severely affected by a failed organ. Organs that would otherwise go to waste when a person has died can be given to seriously ill people to dramatically improved and save their lives. It is a generous act. The most commonly donated organs are; the kidneys, heart, liver, lungs, pancreas and small bowel.
From an Islamic perspective, the case for donating organs is stronger than the case for not doing so. In essence, Islamic teachings are in harmony with Science. Knowledge is one, whether revealed or discovered, scientific advances are therefore welcome but as with all knowledge it can be used for good or evil, the spiritual maturity with which individuals and society use the new technologies is therefore critical, religion gives knowledge that helps in making right decisions.
This purpose is ultimately not limited by this earthly period it prepares the believer for eternal life, which holds the key to understanding the purpose and meaning of life. Muslims believe in the spiritual creation of life, which invests it with inviolable dignity and sanctity. On the other hand, we also believe in the right of a sick person to be given the opportunity to improve his or her quality of life by organ donation. Now that organ transplant is a relatively successful medical procedure and adds enormously to the quality of life of sick people we should accept it just as you would be willing to receive an organ if you were ill.
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