Eid ul Fitr 2013 Sermon

The two challenges facing British Muslims

We must boldly face the challenges of materialism and Islamophobia the former by strengthening faith and the latter by engaging, cooperating and building friendships with our neighbours.
British Muslims are passing through an important phase of their settlement, they have been here for over 60 years. This is not a long time in history for any community. However, they have made significant developments in making Britain their home, they have established businesses from grocery shops to high-tech companies. There are Muslim professionals in medicine to engineering, a large majority work as unskilled or semi-skilled workers running the British transport system driving taxis. They have created their religious places of worship and organisations, charities and schools and are contributing significantly to the British economy and civil society.
However, they face two huge challenges in their new homeland. Firstly the challenge of crass materialism, godlessness and aggressive atheism. The new generation faces a real danger of losing faith in Islam that could lead to:
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